This vocalization was recorded near Fouke, Arkansas. We chose a location a bayou and a set of power lines. This has to be one of the most unique recordings we have. It may be a group of Sasquatch responding to some kind of emotional event. All of the voices involved have a high pitch and are louder than what a man could produce. Listen closely at the end of the clip you hear a step down in the frequency, pitch and the notes being articulated. It would take something with vocal cords in the upper part of the larynx to produce a vocalization like this. There are three distinct whoops. The tall spike on the spectrum shows the high frequency of the first whoop. The second two woops are softer and may be other individuals. This clip was sent to a coyote behavior and vocalization expert and it was his opinion that there was no coyotes, wolf or canine vocalizations in the recording.