When we go in to this research site near the Trinity River we always bring apples. We leave the apples in one area and place the audio recorder about 40 feet away. We don't attempt to hide the equipment because they know we leave more than the apples. Here is a audio clip of the recorder being handled about 5 minutes after "hiding" it. (2:45 minutes long) Found Recorder The property owners have reported seeing two young sasquatches on several occasions. They call them the "twins". We have several recordings where there is movement near the recorder and when an adult grunts or yells the young one runs off. I believe after several warnings a young one was punished for being near the recorder. The property owners dog is the loud barking during the scuffle. He always reacts to the sounds coming from the River. Near the end of the scuffle you here the young ones voice more clearly.