This is an important audio clip in a couple of ways. First, this is important to me because I experienced a vocalization just like this one in Ontario, Canada in the late 90's. I was onshore for a lunch break with a friend when we both heard this same type of vocalization. We both just froze in our tracks and looked in the direction of this unusual yell. The vocalization was very loud and went on for well over 10 seconds. At the end of the yell there was an increase in volume as if the Sasquatch turned in our direction. Several thoughts ran through my head. It was very loud. I knew it was not made by a man and I didn't feel threatened by it. I got the impression it was more of an...attention getting yell verses a warning. The second reason this is an important audio clip is that I heard this same vocalization in Canada and recorded in the Kiamichi mountains in S.E. Oklahoma. That is over 1000 miles apart. Also there is another good example of this type of vocalization is 1994 Ohio moan. Ohio Moan The type of vocalization is common throughout the sasquatch population regardless of their demographics.
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