S.E. Oklahoma Moan  Long Conversation  Donkey and Chatter 
Moan - Long Version  Chatter 2  Texas Vocals and Chatter 
Group Vocalization  Paoki  3 Strange Screams 
Tim's call blast & 2 returns   A Tree Gets Pushed Over  Reverse Vocal 
Wood Knock - Fouke AR  Sulphur River Scream  Grunting and Stick Break 
Trinity River Screams  Chatter 1  Possible Young Sasquatch Being Punished 
Growl and Stick Break  Iggy and Stick Break  Fouke Screamer 
Sam Houston Whoop and Screams  Trinity River Chatter  Chatter, Grunting and Snarling 
Chatter 4  SHNF Group Vocal  Call and a Roar 
Tim calls and 3 knocks     

When listening to the chatter it is apparent that many of the expressions include two letter syllables. The term or morpheme WO JA or WO JAK WO JA 3 times (2 different voices) seems to be used very often. It usually is at the beginning of a sentence or phrase and could be a name. Because of the two letter words it is easy to understand why these vocalizations sound like or resemble barking. When you listen to some of the longer audio clips you will understand that these are more than just dogs barking. Although no one in our group has had a sighting that included this chatter, the property owners have had sightings and actually witnessed the being speaking like this. Often just outside an open bedroom window. Throughout the chatter there is a grunt at the end of the expression. ( WO JA and after grunt) This same kind of grunt is heard in the Ron Morehead recordings. It is believed to be used like a hand off or a way to end any particular phrase or sentence. The Morehead recordings are commonly referred to as Samurai Chatter. Our recordings do not have the same oriental sound to them. It is possible that this is a completely different dialect. When playing these recordings it is recommended that you listen with headphones or good quality external speakers. Many of the subtle nuances and details will not be easily heard.
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